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  Feng Shui Gift Store  :: Laughing Buddha  :: Natural Clear Quartz Laughing Buddha

    Natural Clear Quartz Laughing Buddha
Natural Clear Quartz Laughing Buddha 
Specially hand craft Clear Quartz Laughing Buddha.
This laughing Buddha is unique because it is specially hand crafted from a clear quartz stone. Each individual laughing Buddha has it own unique look and sizes and it has been crafted from a  clear quartz stone. Depending of the actual size of the clear quartz stone, it will be crafted by professional craft man and not machine thus, there will never be two same sizes and looks. This unique Laughing Buddha also comes with a customized wooden stand to fit the speciality crafted Laughing Buddha. This masterpiece Laughing Buddha is a symbol of having a rich and abundance. The Laughing Buddha is gorgeous and it was carved from high quality  natural clear Quartz crystal.
Natural Clear Quartz Crystal

This Laughing Buddha is crafted from Natural Clear Quartz Crystal
Laughing Buddha is also known as Buddha of Happiness. Legend dictates that nothing would make this Buddha happier to see people problem transform into happiness. Business owner or politician will do well, if you place him at your house or office. Many Feng Shui masters referred Laughing Buddha as the Buddha of Wealth. This is because of the image of the Laughing Buddha is believed to attract unlimited of prosperity and abundance of wealth lucks. For those who are engaged in any kind of business, I suggest you have one of this Deity in your house and your office to bring wealth luck and good fortune as well.

Beside having a rich abundance if wealth luck and prosperity, Clear Quartz are believe to purifies and provides energy to the physical, emotional and mental bodies and unites them into spiritual energy. Clear Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts. It absords energy and can transfer the energy to your inner self.
Remember to rub his tummy each day to bring more wealth luck and happiness to you and your family.

Instruction to put this item.

Where to Place Direction Purposes
- Living Room
- Dining Room
- Bedroom
- Office
- To bring prosperity and abundance of good fortune.
- To enhance wealth luck for any individual who engage in any business.
- Living Room
- Dining Room
- Bedroom
- Office
- East - To Bring Good Health and Happiness for your family.
- Scooping out your problems, worries and unhappiness of your family.
- Living Room
- Dining Room
- Bedroom
- Office
- West - For protection from social illness, office politics, backstabbing and jealousy.
- Living Room
- Dining Room
- Office
- North - Generate Career Luck for those who place this deity in your office or working location.

Place this Laughing Buddha on a table or on a high level and avoid putting on the floor. For office, place this laughing Buddha on your office table.

Avoid putting inside your toilet or facing to the toilet. Please refer to the chat above for facing direction. Facing into or out of the house or office has no significant effect.

SKU SKU24025
Quantity in stock 1 item(s) available
Weight 0.70 KG
Dimension 4.2(H) x 3.0(L) x 2.1(W) inch
Material Natural Clear Quartz / Crystal
Color Transparent White
Price: US$100.80 (AUD 133.06)


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