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    A Pair of Jade Pi Yao
A Pair of Jade Pi Yao 
The Pi Yao is the heaven variation of a particularly powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune. He is said to have the power to assist anyone suffering from bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). Thus, those enduring a period of bad luck soon after moving into a new home or soon after undertaking renovations should display the image of Pi Yao in the home.

Working with the Grand Duke Tai Tsui

One of the annual afflictions is the Grand Duke Jupiter, who changes location every year. He is regarded by the Chinese as the God of the Year and it is well known in Chinese families that he must be respected. His Chinese name is Tai Tsui and it is absolutely vital you find out where he is residing each year.
Once you know where he is located, make certain you do not incur his wrath by sitting in a direction that faces his direction. This means you are confronting him and you must never do that. You must never face him directly when you sit or work or eat. If you do, misfortune befalls you ?even if that happens to be your best direction according to the Kua or Eight Mansions formula. Nor should you disturb his place with excessive noise, banging, digging, and renovations.
If you do, the consequences are that you could get sick, suffer losses, lose out on important deals and opportunities, and generally feel rather sickly. So each year make an effort to determine his location. Here’s a tip: the Grand Duke always resides in the place that corresponds to the animal sign of that year, and he occupies only fifteen degrees of the compass.
For example, year 2016 is the year of monkey; the Grand Duke resides in the west-southwest direction which shown on compass is between 232.5 to 247.5 degrees.
THE GRAND DUKE JUPITER resides as follows:
Zodiac/Earthly Branch
Angle Afflicted-15°
Direct Affliction
Direct Conflict
Indirect Conflict
Ox (Chou)
NE1 (022.6° - 037.5°)
Dragon, Dog
Tiger (Yin)
NE3 (052.6° - 067.5°)
Snake, Boar
Rabbit (Mao)
E2 (082.6° - 097.5°)
Horse, Rat
Dragon (Chen)
SE1 (112.6° - 127.5°)
Sheep, Ox
Snake (Si)
SE3 (142.6° - 157.5°)
Monkey, Tiger
Horse (Wu)
S2 (172.6° - 187.5°)
Rooster, Rabbit
Sheep (Wei)
SW1 (202.6° - 217.5°)
Dragon, Dog
Monkey (Shen)
SW3 (232.6° - 247.5°)
Snake, Boar
Rooster (You)
W2 (262.6° - 277.5°)
Horse, Rat
Dog (Xu)
NW1 (292.6° - 307.5°)
Sheep, Ox
Pig (Hai)
NW3 (322.6° - 337.5°)
Tiger, Monkey
Rat (Zi)
N2 (352.6° - 007.5°)
Rooster, Rabbit

The Grand Duke’s location during each of the 12 animal years of the lunar calendar follow the exact compass location of the earthly branch of the animal sign of the snake, which means the 15 degrees defined as south-southeast. Note that his location moves in a clockwise direction around the compass and his direction is based on the earth plate (in Luo Pan) where north is taken to mean magnetic north shown in a compass.

Usually, in any given year, the animal sign that is directly opposite the Grand Duke’s location is said to be clashing with him In the year of the horse, for instance, the animal sign of the rat clashes with the Tai Tsui, so those born in the year of the rat should appease the Grand Duke.

Traditionalists usually advise that one places the image or statue of the Pi Yao (also known as the Pi Xiu or Pi Xie) inside the home in the direction of the Tai Tsui. This is believed to be a very effective cure to ensure that the Tai Tsui is not offended.

My advice is to place a Pi Yao statue in the home since this is an auspicious celestial creature anyway – this way one never has to worry about offending the Grand Duke. The Pi Yao creature is available in a number of different postures.

(Adopted from "Lilian Too’s flying star feng shui for the master practitioner")

Using Pi Yao to increase Wealth

Besides being a cure for the Grand Duke, Pi Yao also can be used as wealth enhancer. By placing Pi Yao according the below diagram locations, one can increase wealth luck in business, gambling luck, and investment luck. Furthermore the Pi Yao can protect your luck against being affected by those killing Chi. According to the below Feng Shui arrangement, the Pi Yao has to be in pair. The small Pi Yao should be facing out the windows and the large Pi Yao should be facing directly at the main entrance of the house to capture the wealth and auspicious Chi.

SKU SKU16604
Quantity in stock 93 item(s) available
Weight 1.50 KG
Dimension Approximately 5.5 x 4.0 x 2.5 inches each
Material Polystone / Earth Material
Color Jade Green
Price: US$68.80 (AUD 90.82)


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