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    A Pair Of White Cranes Scroll
A Pair Of White Cranes Scroll 

One of the best anniversary gifts to present to one’s beloved parents is artwork that shows a pair of beautiful white cranes. This denotes continuation of the family unit intact with both the patriarch and the matriarch. The real meaning however goes deeper. It also signifies of the CHEIN and KUN trigrams as well as the protection of family harmony and wellbeing. White cranes(those with the tuft of red on the head) are believed to bring excellent harmony into households, ensuring that all relationships within the family are harmonious.

The white cranes also signify wisdom, the kind that solves all problems and dissolves all hindrances and obstacles that stand in the way of the family’s upward progression. The flying white crane signifies attainment of great heights with honor, while a single white crane gazing upwards at the sun signifies aspiring to the ultimate wisdom. The white crane is therefore a very desirable symbol to display in the home.

The best corner of the home for the white cranes scroll to hang is the South. This brings opportunities. Hang at the West corner, the white cranes scroll brings good luck for the children while hang at the Northwest it favors the family patriarch. Hang at the East the white cranes scroll benefits the sons of the family and especially the eldest son. Scroll that have white cranes drawn on them make excellent feng shui cures for there being three or more doors placed in a straight line. Or when you simply wish to block out unlucky sights.

Do not presence the white cranes scroll in the kitchen, bathrooms and also toilets. It is acceptable to display the white cranes scroll in bedrooms, dining rooms and also family rooms.

SKU SKU16811
Quantity in stock 11 item(s) available
Weight 0.20 KG
Dimension 30.0 x 12.0 inch
Material Cane paper
Color Colorful
Price: US$14.80 (AUD 19.54)


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