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1. A Pair of Gold Plated Pewter Twin Dragons
2. Auspicious Dragon For Good Fortune
3. Auspicious Dragon Grasping a Pearl
4. Auspicious Dragon Grasping a Pearl
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  Feng Shui Gift Store  :: Dragon Figurines  :: Bejeweled Auspicious Golden Dragon For Good Fortune

    Bejeweled Auspicious Golden Dragon For Good Fortune
Bejeweled Auspicious Golden Dragon For Good Fortune 
The dragon is the ultimate symbol of auspiciousness. It is the most important symbol both in ‘Feng Shui’ and in Chinese folklore. A single celestial dragon grasping a pearl signifies good fortune. At its most powerful when displayed in the East sector of your home, the dragon can be placed anywhere to bring excellent luck into your household. This powerful symbol of good fortune also works extremely well for your business if you display it in your office.
Feng Shui Enhancers

FengShui-Supply latest offerings are these bejewelled feng shui enhancers which has been elegantly fashioned into auspicious creatures and fruits. These feng shui miniatures are all in the size of a palm and suitable to be displayed any where in your house or office. The different shape of the miniatures can be chosen to blend into your the different environment of your house or office, and they definitely be a magnificent and irresistible gifts for oneself and loved ones.

These feng shui enhancers are best for attracting wonderful peach blossom and relationship luck. Simply displaying them in the area of your Nien Yen direction according to your personal Kua number or put them near to you on the work desk or dressing table which you can always see them to activate the 'Chi'. Each of the miniature can be opened up to reveal a secret compartment, you can write your wish on a piece of white paper and place it is the compartment, then these feng shui enhancers will become a wish fulfilling containers. You can keep anything of your choosing in these hidden compartments as long as don't keep them empty.

How to place the Dragon?

Method 1

Place a pair of dragon on your work desk in your office to gain career luck. The pair of dragon must be placed on your left hand corner to enhance the auspicious Chi in your office. (Shown below in diagram 1) This will help you to increase your luck to win promotion, pay raise, and get support from your fellow colleagues in your corporate career, at the same time resolve dispute and misunderstanding caused by gossip in the office.

Method 2
Place a pair of dragon on the left side of your house main door. (Shown below in diagram 2) This arrangement can help one to gain a lot of support from people of eminence in their business or career, at the same time eliminate quarrel and misunderstanding in the house, and prevent one from lawsuit and unwanted court case.

Placing of Dragon


SKU SKU23301
Weight 0.50 KG
Dimension 3.0(H) x 5.0(L) x 1.5(W) inch
Material High Quality Metal and Jewels
Color Golden
Price: US$50.80 (AUD 67.06)

Quantity Out of stock


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