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2. Bronze Dragon Tortoise with a Bagua Shell
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  Feng Shui Gift Store  :: Dragon Tortoise  :: Bronze Dragon Tortoise with a Bagua Shell

    Bronze Dragon Tortoise with a Bagua Shell
Bronze Dragon Tortoise with a Bagua Shell 
The Dragon Tortoise is the combination of two awesome symbols. It combines the strength of a dragon and a tortoise. Tortoise symbolizes longevity. Tortoise is known to live as long as 70-80 years. The Dragon symbolizes success, courage and determination. These are two of the four spiritual creatures of Chinese Symbols.

The Dragon Tortoise is a creature with a body of a tortoise and a head of a dragon. Most of the time you see this mystical creature on top of ingot to symbolize tremendous wealth and prosperity. The mouth of the dragon tortoise has a Chinese coins to symbolize the over flow of wealth.

Dragon Tortoise with Bagua helps us to correct any bad direction or bad KUA if might encounter. If you encounter this situation, place a Dragon Tortoise to a good direction and it will overcome the bad direction or a bad KUA number. The baby tortoise at the back, symbolizes descendantís luck.

Where to place the Dragon Tortoise?

Place the Dragon Tortoise on your desk facing north or east sector, facing away from you.

For Business and office use, place the Dragon Tortoise facing north sector. This will help you to bring business luck and activate your career corner. It will also help you to get promoted and good relationship with your boss. Place the dragon Tortoise on your desk next to you but facing away from you. Do not place the Dragon Tortoise facing you as it might bring you bad luck like conflict with your boss or your potential client.

At home, place the Dragon Tortoise facing east sector. Your family will be blessed with good fortune, good relationship within the family and good health. If there is an elder member of the family at home, it will bring him or her longevity and also good health.

By having the dragon tortoise in your office or home, you will benefit from support form Dragon and the Tortoise. The effect can be tremendous.

Do not place the Dragon Tortoise in the Bedroom, Kitchen, washroom and toilet.

SKU SKU16431
Quantity in stock 20 item(s) available
Weight 0.80 KG
Dimension 5.0 x 3.5 x 4.1 inch
Material Bronze
Color Bronze
Price: US$50.80 (AUD 67.06)


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