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    Feng Shui Ruler
Feng Shui Ruler 

The feng shui ruler is a MUST HAVE for those veteran feng shui practitioners. All the underlying secrets of auspicious dimensions for main doors, windows, stove, work table, bed and prayer altar recommended by Feng Shui Masters are in this ruler. The ruler is made from stainless steel and retractable. The markings include dimensions in "cm" and "inches". Auspicious an inauspicious dimensions for Yin and Yang dwellings are all noted in Chinese characters. But for those who don't understand Chinese, don't worry!! You may refer to those Chinese characters on the top row that are highlighted in RED as auspicious dimensions for yang dwellings. And those highlighted in black is inauspicious.

The feng shui ruler- measuring auspicious dimensions:

There are auspicious and inauspicious dimensions and those who possess what is termed a feng shui ruler, can actually measure their tables, cupboards, windows and doors and check if the dimensions are auspicious or inauspicious. The feng shui measuring tape has eight cycles of dimensions, four of which are auspicious and four are inauspicious. Each cycle measures the equivalent of 17 inches or 43 cm, and each cycle is categorized into eight segments. The cycle of lucky and unlucky dimensions then repeats itself over and over again to infinity. Once you have familiarized yourself with the use of the feng shui ruler you can apply it to almost everything that has a dimension to tap into the auspicious dimensions. In addition to furniture, doors and windows, you can use them also on calling cards, envelopes, notepads, memo paper and so forth. I use them on everything!

The Auspicious Dimensions:

CHAI: which is between 0 and 2& 1/8 inches or 5.4 cm. This is the first segment of the cycle and it is further subdivided into four categories of good luck. The first approximate half inch brings money luck; the second brings a safe filled with jewels; the third brings together six types of good luck, while the fourth brings abundance.

YI: which is between 6& 3/8 to 8& 1/2 inches. OR 16.2 cm and 21.5 cm. This is the fourth segment of the cycle. It brings mentor luck for example, it attracts helpful people into your life. Again there are four subsections. The first approximate half inch means excellent children luck; the second predicts unexpected added income; the third predicts a very successful son and the fourth offers excellent good fortune.

KWAN: which is between 8& l/2 to 10 & 5/8 inches OR 21.5 cm to 27 cm. This third set of auspicious dimensions bring power luck and the first sub sector means easy to pass exams. The second sub sector predicts special or speculative luck, the third offers improved income while the fourth attracts high honors for the family.

PUN: which is between 14 & 6/8 to 17 inches OR 37.5 cm to 43.2 cm. This category of dimensions bring lots of money flowing in if it is in the first sub sector. The next sub sector spells good examinations luck; the third predicts plenty of jewelry and the fourth offers abundant prosperity.
Other than the mentioned dimensions, the rest will be inauspicious dimension which we do not have to mention.

SKU SKU16479
Quantity in stock 86 item(s) available
Weight 0.30 KG
Dimension 3.0 x 2.7 x 1.2 inch
Material Metal and plastic cover
Color Orange
Price: US$16.80 (AUD 22.18)


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