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  Feng Shui Gift Store  :: Wealth Symbols / Ingots  :: Feng Shui Wealth Bowl with Natural Citrine Pebbles

    Feng Shui Wealth Bowl with Natural Citrine Pebbles
Feng Shui Wealth Bowl with Natural Citrine Pebbles 

In Feng Shui, wealth bowl has always been the symbol of wealth and prosperity. Like any farmer, the more you plant, the bigger the harvest is at the end of the day. You are you own farmer for your bowl of wealth.

It is said that by placing the bowl of wealth, it brings in wealth and prosperity to where ever you place it. You can use a big, medium or small bowl of wealth in almost anywhere, for instance, your living room. It can also be place in your office, your house and even in your family car. You are not limited to one bowl of wealth in your house or in your office you can put multiple pots if you like. The more bowls you have, the more wealth is coming your way.

Need a perfect gift for your friends, bowl of wealth is an excellent gift for any house harming or for newly open businesses. The gift symbolized wealth and good fortune to your friend.

Place all your wealth bowls in your home and office at the wealth sector. It will enhance your energy in that sector plus harmony to the flow of the energy within your home or office.

Do not place the bowl of Wealth into your toilet or wash room. The toilet or wash room will flush all the wealth and good fortune from your house or office.

Citrine is a powerful stone of abundance. This dynamic stone teaches how to manifest and attracts wealth and prosperity, success, and all good things. Citrine brings money luck to those who display it in their house or office. Often found in bright gold color, it is said to improve career luck as well as an excellent feng shui enhancer for those who are in managerial positions. Citrine natural crystal which is mined from earth and its yellow color which is also earth element color doubles the earth luck, and therefore becomes the most potent wealth luck enhancer in Period 8(started from February 04, 2004 until February 04, 2024).

This wealth bowl comes with 500 grams of natural citrine pebbles.

SKU SKU17733
Quantity in stock 10 item(s) available
Weight 0.80 KG
Dimension Approximately 11.5cm diameter x 4.5cm height.
Material Bronze and natural citrine crystals.
Color Bronze and citrine yellow.
Price: US$98.80 (AUD 130.42)


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