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    Four Heavenly Kings
Four Heavenly Kings 

The Four Heavenly Kings, are the remarkable beings that protect the four corners of the world. In Chinese Buddhism, they are popularly known as the Great Dharma Protectors, seen in the shrines of the Matrieya Buddha. The Four Heavenly kings has the power to control the weather and climate on Earth. They each carry a distinctive magical weapon that represents the source of their supernatural powers.

Two of the Heavenly Kings have friendly faces and fair colored complexion. The other to shows a more ferocious and darker appearance. This represents that the GOODNESS in this world must be taught and implemented both through gentle and authoritative means.

The Guardian of the East is Mo Li Ching.
He has a white face, a fierce expression and a beard that looks like copper wire. He carries a spear and a magic sword that has the characters earth, water, fire and wind on its blade. His weapon symbolizes metal, which overcomes the wood element of the East. Thus does he exercise control over the East. His sword is described as having the power to create a black wind which procedures a million spears that pierce through the bodies of evil nagas turning them into dust. The wind is followed by fire which fill the space with million serpents! He is the most senior of the four kings. Place him in the East of the space you wish to protect.

The Guardian of the West is Mo Li Hai.
He has a blue face and carries a four-string mandolin which, when strummed, causes great balls of fire to drop onto those who would dare to invade the space. In the cycle of elements, fire destroys metal (the element of the west). Thus does he control his domain. Place him in the West of your home or, in the west corner of the altar.

The Guardian of the South is Mo Li Hung.
He has a red face and he holds the magic umbrella. When opened, the umbrella creates total darkness and when reversed, it creates huge earthquakes and tidal waves that completely destroys all negative and killing forces.

The Guardian of the North is Mo Li Shou.
He has a black face and carries a pearl in one hand and a snake in the order. Sometimes this king is shown with an elephant or a white rat. He should be placed in the North to overcome all bad influences from that direction.

Do not place the heavenly kings outside the home. Place them inside the home, preferably on either side of your altar. Or, if you have a holy stupa inside the house, you can also place them one on each corner facing the four cardinal directions. This takes care of evil influences and temptations that come from the four directions. It is important to place the correct heavenly king properly. They should either face the direction or be situated in the location that corresponds to their individual domains. This is because each of the kings is said to have his own domain.

SKU SKU16380
Weight 0.20 KG
Dimension 7.5 x 3.6 x 3.3 cm each
Material Earth Material / Polystone
Color Bronze
Price: US$30.80 (AUD 40.66)

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