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  Feng Shui Gift Store  :: Coins, Amulets and Mirrors  :: Golden Big Auspicious Fortune Mirror for Good Fortune

    Golden Big Auspicious Fortune Mirror for Good Fortune
Golden Big Auspicious Fortune Mirror for Good Fortune 
Want to grow more magnetic and powerful each day? Place this magnificent Golden Big Auspicious mirror on your dressing table or your office desk to pacify eight types of harms (misunderstanding, miscommunication, carelessness, misconduct, depression, fatigue, ignorance and misleading) and transform them into eight types of good Fortune.

Each time you see yourself on the mirror, good fortune is being reflected onto your face. The mirror is encircled with a garland of Om Ah Hum Mantras that bring protection and helps you fulfill all your wishes. On the other side is a Lotus with 8 petals on its outer-fold, and symbolizes pure beauty that arises out of a pool of mud and dirt, thus empowering you to shine even in the midst of adversity. Surrounding the mirror is the powerful Dependent Arising Mantra which gives you the magnetic power of beauty.

This is a wonderful feng shui ornament to help animal signs who have afflicted stars in their sectors, as it enables you to capture the power of the Big Auspicious Stars that appear in four 15-degree compass directions each year. If your animal sign is right next to the Big Auspicious stars this feng shui ornament benefits you even more! Charge your mirror with the energy of the moon by placing it in the moonlight during the waxing cycle of the moon. Do not expose it to moonlight during the waning cycle of the moon.

SKU SKU17277
Quantity in stock 98 item(s) available
Weight 2.00 KG
Dimension 5.75(H) x 3.75(L) x 1.90(W) inch
Material Brass
Color Gold chrome
Price: US$68.80 (AUD 90.82)


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