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  Feng Shui Gift Store  :: Auspicious Animals  :: The Mongoose Enhance Good Fortune and Wealth Luck

    The Mongoose Enhance Good Fortune and Wealth Luck
The Mongoose Enhance Good Fortune and Wealth Luck 

The Chinese preoccupation with harnessing prosperity luck and overcoming bad luck is so pronounced that there are many other animals that symbolize getting wealth and overcoming bad luck.

Some of these animals are easy to identify but others can be a bit tricky. Feng Shui-Gift would like to introduce you to one of the symbols that you can place on your desk as a wealth energizer and to help overcome bad Feng Shui.

The mongoose, for example, is said to spout precious gems and jewels from its mouth. He is featured as the principal wealth creator carried by all three of the Tibetan Buddha’s of Wealth, the White Jambhala, the Yellow Jambhala, and the black Jambhala. Followers of Tibetan Buddhism often display this Buddha of Wealth sitting under a fountain of water since this is believed to please him and will cause a mongoose to spout forth plenty of valuable gemstones and jewels.

Activate your wealth luck with the mongoose resting on a mound of coins and ingots. The mongoose enhances good fortune bringing you all types of riches.

Where to place:-

The good thing about this mongoose is that it can be used by anyone from student, working adults, professional executive to businessman or company C.E.O

Place it in the North for excellent wealth luck.

Place the mongoose on your working desk where you meet your customer. You can even put it on your company conference table if you are negotiating business there. For students, place this mongoose on your study table and it will help you in your examination.

This mongoose also can be place at home in your living room or bedroom to overcome bad Feng Shui. Do not place the mongoose in your toilet or on the floor. The mongoose needs to be place at least on a table height length.

SKU SKU16134
Quantity in stock 9 item(s) available
Weight 0.90 KG
Dimension 4.0(H) x 5.5(L) x 4.0(W) inch
Material Earth Material / Polystone
Color Bronze
Price: US$40.80 (AUD 53.86)


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