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  Feng Shui Gift Store  :: Dzi Beads  :: The Super Wealth OLD dZi Beads Combo Bracelet To Attract Wealth Luck

    The Super Wealth OLD dZi Beads Combo Bracelet To Attract Wealth Luck
The Super Wealth OLD dZi Beads Combo Bracelet To Attract Wealth Luck 


This is a very rare and gorgeous authentic OLD TIBETAN Agate dZi beads. dZi bead dimension is approximately 4.0cm length x 1.2cm diameter and 1.6cm length x 1.2cm diameter for small dZi beads.

This Super Wealth Dzi Bead bracelet is strung with natural RED garnet and hematite crystals to strengthen the power of the DZI. The Super Wealth Dzi Bead Bracelet is a fusion of THREE Tibetan OLD agate Dzi beads, namely the 3-Eyed Dzi Bead, the 5-Eyed Dzi Bead and Money Hook dZi Beads.

This combination makes the Super Wealth Dzi Bead one of the most powerful Dzi Bead bracelets that ever exist, wearer be sure to look forward for a huge increase in wealth, good luck, prosperity and protection in the future while wearing this fabulous Dzi Bead bracelet. This special dzi bead bracelet will attracts unlimited of wealth, prosperity and endless happiness to its owner.

The Three Eyed Dzi Bead:

The 3 Eyed Dzi Bead is the bead of wealth and health to bring continuous fortune, the 3 Eyes on the Dzi Bead represents the three stars of luck, namely Happiness, Honor, and Longevity. Some even say that the Dzi Bead actually resembles Kubera, the Hindu Wealth God, it allows the wearer to connect to 3 very important aspects of a person, the body, mind and soul. It also helps to protect its wearer from “Tai Sui” (The Grand Duke of Jupiter), and it is recommended for people who are in conflict or offending or "torturing" with Tai Sui to wear this particular Dzi Bead for protection.

The Five Eyed Dzi Bead:

This Dzi has the power to welcome in wealth from 5 different directions. Representing the Five Directional Wealth God, by wearing this Dzi, you be blessed with great wealth, material gains, helpful people, good fortune and success.

The Money Hook Dzi Bead:

The pattern of this dzi looks like a figure “S”. It is believed that the lucky “S” hook or known as Money Hook will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner. It will enhance its owner’s ability to accumulate wealth by crystallizing money-making opportunities for him/her. More importantly, it also will ensure that the wealth will be retained within his/her control and not slip away. This Dzi also help the wearer to gain power and influence, and to enhance his/her reputation further as well as brings windfall luck to the wearer.

It is recommended that this bracelet to be worn on your right hand instead of left hand to absorb wealth energy. The item can be used as a gift for your family members and close friends.

All our bracelets are customizable. Please email to us with your wrist size after you have placed your order. The dZi bead can be wear by anyone regardless of race, religion, gender and age because these dZi beads are non religious appertain. The main purpose is for healing and enhance one’s energy.

Note: This bracelet comes with a gift box:

SKU SKU17734
Quantity in stock 1 item(s) available
Weight 0.05 KG
Dimension dZi bead dimension is approximately 4.0cm length x 1.2cm diameter and 1.6cm length x 1.2cm diameter for small dZi beads, 1.1cm Natural Red Garnet crystal beads.
Material Authentic Old Agate dZi beads and natural red garnet crystals.
Color Dark Brown, white and reddish.
Price: US$188.80 (AUD 249.22)


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